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Today’s competitive financial climate demands a higher standard of services to restore investor confidence. A Konica Minolta financial services content management solution can capture and manage data and improve core processes to speed workflow and improve profitability.

Konica Minolta combines the best of breed capture technology with leading edge financial services content management and workflow solutions for businesses in financial services. Our solutions provide document management with unparalleled automation, visibility and control of the mortgage process, giving companies the ability to realize significant benefits: reduced loan application processing cycles, streamlined efficiencies including measurable savings in administrative costs and more efficient information retrieval, leading to enhanced accountability which optimizes corporate performance.

See how our ECM solutions can help build investor confidence and reduce your processing costs by automating the capture, transformation and delivery of documents and data and eliminating manual labor, physical shipping and storage. Watch your customer service improve as you capture required documents at the point of entry, validate information instantly and trigger processing, all while spending time with customers.

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The benefits of ECM for Finance Industry

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