Improving upon vital government functionality and fiscal responsibility can start with one thing all department functions have in common document management. Managing documents and their content is key to minimizing the cost of paper-based processes and storage, and laying the groundwork for more time and cost-efficient programs.

Why a content management solution? Often within government departments, staff and budget for administrative tasks are stretched thin, additionally complicated with restrictions and regulations. When staff allocations are cut, you need to deliver results faster with centralized data and documents. Do more with less. You can meet today’s challenges by converting paper documents to electronic files and automating the processes surrounding them.

Our solutions support better service in government organizations including child support, finance, health and human services, and public housing. Consider a digital transformation to ECM to securely automate the digital capture, processing and archiving of core government documents; easily retrieve critical information and protect individual privacy. Digital documents and their content are then accessible through secure mobile, web-based or kiosk service points further driving increased efficiency; reduced cost of paper and print supplies; improving service and becoming more environmentally conscious at the same time.

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The benefits of ECM for Government Industry

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