When it comes to insurance, time is of the essence, and quicker, more efficient action is key to both profitability and customer satisfaction. We’ve got you covered with Insurance Enterprise Content Management solutions to improve your workflows, giving you back time and resources to put toward your business.

With nearly all lines of personal, medical and commercial insurance, reducing cycle time, or, the elapsed time from opening to settling an insurance claim, is key to maintaining profitability.We can help you move to a fully-automated insurance content management system that will minimize manual tasks and paper management for faster, standardized and more efficient processes for your claims reports, documents, emails and more. 

Konica Minolta’s ECM solution provide customer-facing employees, agents, brokers, adjusters and service organizations with a powerful scan-to-process platform that can automatically:

  • Capture claim-related data from any paper or electronic document
  • Transform data into process-ready information
  • Classify and extract information
  • Validate and route content
  • Initiate straight-through data processing and business decisions based on insurance specific rules and knowledge bases
  • Provides status updates and alerts to claimants

Our broad range of products and service solutions helps give you answers and information quickly, consistently and accurately. In addition, with simplified access to digital content, information and important material is more accessible, improving upon other aspects of your business such as mobile solutions, claims handling, underwriting efficiency, internal and external regulations, compliance, accounting and finance and human resources. And, they seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, so separate content can come together as one.

Let us help you join the ranks of other insurance executives who have moved to a fully automated process for claims processing using content management services.

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The benefits of ECM for Insurance Industry

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