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With unique challenges upstream managing division orders, leases and contracts and your need to ensure efficiency midstream and downstream with your manufacturing and distribution processes, our content management solutions help your business operations to become paper-less, streamlined and automated so you can see efficiency gains across the enterprise.

With our Land and Land Management solutions, you simplify your processes so you can run more smoothly by automating predictable decisions and operate more efficiently with useful tools to manage tasks: Handle the document once and push it to where and when it is needed.

We understand that there are complexities unique to the Oil & Gas industry with division orders, tracking leases and proactively managing contract renewals and expirations. With our solution, you can improve efficiency, transparency and process controls with content management tools that address your needs. You can integrate brokers’ documents directly into your workflow and create secured views avoiding the cumbersome process with PDF folder structures just to copy the documents to an external location for viewing. With this external third party access – in Virtual and Secured Data Rooms and Broker Portals – you remain secure, save time and leverage your content management system for ease-of-use.

Inquire with our Land and Land Management specialist for a demonstration to better understand how your Oil & Gas operation can reduce its reliance on paper and digitally transform your operation and your broker communications.

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The benefits of ECM for the Oil & Gas Industry

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