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Successful property management companies are making significant operational changes to transition their document processing procedures and technology solutions to fit their current and future business needs. Consider Enterprise Content Management for keeping your property management under control.

Maintaining and leasing properties required countless, multi-page applications and contracts. You can benefit from streamlined document processing procedures and technology solutions to keep it all organized.

Konica Minolta Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can transform your property management business profile. Customized ECM solutions are the key to handling paperwork with greater speed, security and cost-efficiency and can shift you from a reactive to proactive management stance.

Konica Minolta ECM can convert all incoming paper documents that take up an expansive physical footprint, and enable document sharing and collaboration across offices. Once files are converted, electronic files can be organized in an online repository with customizable workflow rules to electronically route documents. This enables better industry compliance (e.g., Federal Property Management Regulations to regional/local housing directives), centralized document sharing and access, improved customer response time, increased office productivity, decreased storage needs and minimized losses or errors.

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The benefits of ECM for Real Estate Industry

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