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SharePoint is a platform with broad functionality, but many companies fail to apply all it has to offer. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Content and Collaboration Partner, Konica Minolta offers consulting, services, solutions and software extensions that can help you effectively incorporate SharePoint functions, introducing a greater level of efficiency to your business than ever before. Read Brochure

The Sharepoint Spectrum - Thinking, Collaborating, Optimizing, Workflow, Reporting, and Scalable
  • Assessments

    Assessments apply to both existing SharePoint users seeking an overall "health check" and those considering a SharePoint Implementation.

    Our process is:

    • Our Business analysts learn from you your unique business operations and dynamics.
    • They determine your 'pain points' occur based on interactive conversations.
    • They identify where your management team sees envisions future productivity and efficiency gains.

    Depending on your requirements, from this current state, our team delivers an assessment that ranges from:

    • Identification of potential business process improvements using SharePoint.
    • Identification of key business drivers and desired outcomes achievable with SharePoint initiative.
    • A customized road map, implementation plan and training schedule for your users.
  • Content Migration

    Your business can operate at its best when your workflows make sense, eliminate bottlenecks and offer simplified access to all of your business documents. Let us help you migrate your existing systems to the powerful SharePoint 2013 or 2016 with Konica Minolta’s ECM Content Migration Module. With a seamless transition, your employees can adapt and improve productivity without missing a beat.

    Key Challenges

    • Understanding SharePoint functionality
    • Expanding SharePoint functionality
    • Employee adoption of SharePoint

    Key Benefits

    • Improving company productivity
    • Expansion of SharePoint operations
    • Increased operations education and awareness
  • Custom Development

    As a Microsoft Gold Certified Content and Collaboration Partner, Konica Minolta has developed several series of custom SharePoint features and solutions. These include customized code, document validation and branding capabilities. We can make whatever unique functionality you need in your SharePoint environment a reality.

    Key Challenges

    • Shallow software options
    • Need for more customized program functions
    • Inexperienced in-house personnel, requires outside assistance

    Key Benefits

    • Customized SharePoint approach
    • Unique SharePoint usability
    • Optimized SharePoint functionality
  • Electronic Signatures

    Digital Transaction Management functionalities require electronic signature capabilities. We help our customers share documents for electronic signature from any browser including apps for SharePoint, Outlook, Word, Dynamics CRM, Windows 8 and Windows Phone to make it easier for any size organization, industry, and geography to quickly and securely transact business anytime, anywhere and on any device. Let us help you keep your business digital.

    Key Challenges

    • Mobile accessibility
    • Agile, flexible forms
    • Keeping up with customer expectations

    Key Benefits

    • Legally and securely sign and send important documents
    • Faster transactions with digital business
    • Optimized for SharePoint users
  • Governance Services

    A SharePoint governance plan describes the business-critical nature of the SharePoint implementation and provides the evidence for requesting the necessary personnel and capital investments. Points to consider:

    • It is critical to form your governance committee in the planning phase.
    • The bigger your SharePoint implementation – and the more resources that are used – the more complex the governance plan should be.
    • Governance never works without the functional business owners’ involvement.

    By defining the governance rules, roles and responsibilities, you are assured to have the resources necessary to make the SharePoint implementation a success. The SharePoint governance committee embodies the vision that you and your users hold for SharePoint. The committee’s top priority is to create the SharePoint governance document. It is the “face” of the SharePoint project and subject to continual updates.

    Konica Minolta can help you through this process, identifying the roles and the responsibilities of the governance committee, developing the governance document and training employees on optimizing using SharePoint technology.

  • Integrations

    Microsoft combines Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to give you an offering with the Microsoft Office applications and a CRM solution that is accessible over the Internet.  This powerful combination can lead to greater marketing team effectiveness and sales staff productivity, not to mention better customer service outcomes.

    The CRM solution offers you many benefits such as having easily accessible information to ensure you can retain clients, enhance customer orientation and build relationships with value-adding allies.

  • Intranet Portal

    Considered by many as the core of SharePoint, collaboration is a powerful tool when it is used as a department or enterprise-wide intranet. By leveraging our Gold Certification as a Content and Collaboration Partner, we can plan and design your SharePoint portal implementation so that you can collaborate with remote employees, customers, partners, vendors, and other external parties. With proper access controls and secure SharePoint sites, your team can achieve new levels of productivity and collaboration.

    Key Challenges

    • Intranet capabilities for team collaboration
    • Increasing employee adoption of SharePoint
    • Staff coordination

    Key Benefits

    • Optimizing company productivity
    • Expanding SharePoint utilization
    • Increasing education and awareness
  • Mobile and Online Forms

    People want intelligent, integrated mobile accessibility across clients, servers and services, regardless of time or location. We understand this need to be connected with online forms, and can help you with your e-form platform that enables a simple and cost-effective user experience to design and deploy.

    Key Challenges

    • Need for agile forms
    • Integrated forms
    • Mobile accessibility

    Key Benefits

    • Empower business users
    • Enhance developer productivity
    • Secure access to forms management portal
  • Nintex Workflow Automation Solutions

    The Nintex drag-and-drop workflow automation designer is seamlessly embedded within SharePoint (and Office 365), and was specifically designed to be simple-to-use, easy-to-manage and require minimal effort to get started. The platform is powerful enough for elaborate enterprise work but approachable enough for everyday departmental work at the same time. It saves valuable IT staff time and, in fact, it’s so easy, you’ll be installed and designing workflows on the web, your smartphone or tablet in minutes.

    As one of the world’s leading Nintex partners, Konica Minolta can easily connect your workflows with leading software including social media applications, instant messaging programs, content, email and applications you already use.

    Key Challenges

    • Improvements desperately needed
    • Systems need to be put in place
    • Small or overcommitted IT department

    Key Benefits

    • Simple set-up
    • Easy to automate and monitor
    • Easy to improve without overtaxing IT
  • SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

    As a certified SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) partner, Konica Minolta’s consulting team will work with you to create a roadmap for deploying your solution, optimizing the effectiveness of SharePoint’s capabilities and customizing it to focus on your unique business drivers. If you are looking to upgrade or migrate to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online Office 365, our upgrade engagement helps you take advantage of new features and engage new and enhanced capabilities. An SDPS engagement with our deployment planning experts can contain your deployment costs and improve your organization’s overall productivity. Reach out to hear more about how you can get the most out of your SharePoint investment.

    Key Challenges

    • Uninformed deployment planning process
    • Unique business processes seem like a poor fit
    • Ineffective use of resources

    Key Benefits

    • Personalized deployment roadmap
    • Expert planning services
    • Improved business productivity

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