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Control the cost of printed or copied output and provide advanced security to ensure that sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands. Konica Minolta’s Print Management solutions and software also help reduce document waste with simple integration to existing networks and lessen the workload of busy IT administrators. Monitor, track, and manage your business’ printing with the print management software provided by Konica Minolta.

Your goal is to provide the flexibility that lets users print what they need when they need it without disrupting their workflow. You also need to reduce the costs and complexities of deploying a print infrastructure. And you must do this while providing the added layer of security to help comply with regulations set forth in all verticals.

Konica Minolta’s print management solutions include Rules Based Printing, Secure Follow You Printing, and mobile printing from phone, tablet or iPad. Our solutions include cost allocation by user or department, all using the same authentication methods used to log into their computer, mobile device or building access including IC cards. The Print Management solutions we offer are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and are scalable from SMB to enterprise customers with offices around the globe. Whether your users are local, mobile or around the world, Konica Minolta can provide the solutions to meet your printing needs.

For an efficient corporate print and scan infrastructure, Konica Minolta's Dispatcher Suite can help you manage printing costs while increasing your document workflow productivity and security.

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