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It's amazing just how few companies have a strong security policy in place for their data and information — the lifeblood of most businesses. Or perhaps those who do neglect to update it even though the threats grow smarter and more ferocious every day. So what about you? Does your business have network information security compliance in place or an updated policy in place to guard your information? When was the last time you even thought about it?

With the proliferation of connected multi-functional products (MFPs), Konica Minolta realizes that protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub secure MFPs and printers is an absolute requirement in today’s workplace. Our goal is to make our bizhub products the most secure devices available on the market with our information security and compliance.

We engineer every bizhub product as a total system and provide Common Criteria ISO 15408 EAL security certification for each product. Whether you’re concerned about network intrusion, data theft, or compliance, Konica Minolta bizhub technology can offer you a sense of security demanded by internal clients or federal legislation. In addition, our All Covered IT Services subsidiary provides you with outsourcing services to maintain information technology security requirements so that you can spend more time focusing on business instead of worrying about IT Security.

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Consider these information security and compliance benefits for your business