Virtualization Solutions for Businesses


As hardware ages and software applications need to be upgraded, organizations are often faced with costly and complicated solutions. By transitioning your servers to a virtualized environment, you allow for reduced hardware costs, increased flexibility of systems and additional data security options – and you gain a reliable, inexpensive alternative. Request Information

All Covered, the IT Services division of Konica Minolta, has the knowledge and experience to help your organization choose the best virtualization solutions and then implement them with minimal interruption of services. It can help reduce the number of servers your organization needs by purchasing a few high-quality servers and “virtualizing,” or installing, other application-based servers on them.

We have more than 17 years of providing virtualization design and implementation services to organizations of all sizes and our engineers are certified in recognized application and server virtualization technologies. We can help decrease the hours spent configuring and patching individual applications on individual machines by virtualizing the applications on a host server. Application virtualization makes it easy to configure and patch one master application profile and push it out to all workstations and terminals.

Our IT Consulting & Projects Services are just one aspect of our comprehensive IT offerings, including Cloud Services, Managed IT Services, IT Security Services and Software and Applications Services. Combined, they clearly demonstrate our expertise and commitment to your business’s infrastructure.

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