Order Process Document

Order Process Document for Federal Government Orders

The following paperwork shall be used in conjunction with a GSA customer order:

Order Agreement Form

Purchase Order or Procurement Card for every order (no exceptions) is required:

Purchase Orders
A written order shall be the only basis for rental, lease or purchase in accordance with these terms and conditions. Orders issued to KMBS shall be for a federal fiscal year. The fiscal year, as interpreted in the GSA contract, shall begin on the first full day of installation at the using agency. The year shall end on September 30th of the same federal fiscal year. An additional order must be issued for each subsequent year. (view terms and conditions section of the GSA schedule).

Purchase order must clearly identify the following elements:

  • Contract Number, GSA or BPA number

  • Special Item Number (SIN)

  • Quantity, description and unit pricing extension

  • Equipment and accessory listing

  • Copy allowance (including excess copy charge)

  • Maintenance plan with or without supplies

  • Ship to and Bill to information

  • Point of Contract, Name, Number and e-mail

  • Signed and dated

  • Stated acquisition method and term

  • Effective dates of the Purchase Order

Must be made out to:


Konica Minolta Business Solutions. c/o Selling Branch or Selling Dealer


2120 Washington Blvd. #450, Arlington, VA 22204