West Virginia

Contract #3091

Effective Dates: January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2019

Primary Contractor Contacts:

Stephen Langdon
1595 Spring Hill Road Vienna, VA 22182

Welcome Public Purchasing Entity!

Thank you for your interest in Konica Minolta Products, Software and Services! At this time, your state has not executed a state-level Participating Addendum (PA) which would allow government entities in your state to purchase Konica Minolta products. All authorized governmental entities in any state are welcome to use WSCA-NASPO cooperative contracts. Cooperative purchasing benefits states as well as cities, counties, public schools, institutions of higher education and other eligible entities.

How to become eligible: If the entity you are purchasing for does not have a signed PA with KMBS, follow the simple 3- step process below.

Step 1 - Email your request to execute a Participating Addendum with Konica Minolta to your local Konica Minolta branch or dealer representative or to wscapa@kmbs.konicaminolta.us

Include your entity name, entity address including state in which your entity operates, entity contact name, phone, and email

Step 2 - Complete the Konica Minolta PA, sign, and forward to: WSCA PA Administrator email: wscapa@kmbs.konicaminolta.us

Step 3 - Konica Minolta counter signs PA and returns back to you Note: If you’re state is not listed as having a state-level signed PA, then you would refer to the WSCA Master Catalog link on the home page for pricing and terms.