Marketing Materials

The following information is provided to assist you in driving document services revenue and profits within your center.

Document Services Portfolio - Develop effective ways to promote your business.

Create your own Document Services Portfolio

The most successful centers have created their own Document Service Portfolio to display and promote their Document Services and show their customers samples of the services they provide.

This includes, but is not limited to, menus, invitations, announcements, brochures, etc., that they have produced for their customers. Typically, these "sample" are stored in a professional three-ring-binder to display in their center. Often, these binders have a "folding back" to stand upright for easy viewing.

Konica Minolta strongly recommends that you develop such a portfolio for your center. We have included a number of sample images for your use, along with several flyers to promote your Document Services.

Sample Size Black & White Color
Ad Newsprint final.pdf 11x17 X
B&W 11x17 Sample.pdf 11x17 X
B&W Newsletter.pdf 8.5x11 X
Bifold.pdf 8.5x11 X
Dublin Poster.pdf 11x17 X
Dublin Calendar.pdf 11x17 X
Project Management.pdf 11x17 X
B&W Retail Signage.pdf 11x17 X
B&W Specs.pdf 11x17 X
Bifold.pdf 8.5x11 X
Price List.xls 8.5x11 X
Retail Newsletter.pdf 8.5x11 X
Retail Signage.pdf 11x17 X
Construction Datasheet.pdf 8.5x11 X
Construction Project Plan.pdf 11x17 X
B&W Newsletter.pdf 8.5x11 X
B&W Pie Chart.pdf 8.5x11 X
Bifold.pdf 8.5x11 X
Color Pie Chart.pdf 8.5x11 X
Finance Overview.pdf 8.5x11 X
Finance Newsletter.pdf 8.5x11 X
Price List.xls 8.5x11 X
Health Care
Children's Hospital Newsletter.pdf 11x17 X
Health Training 1.pdf 8.5x11 X
Health Training 2.pdf 8.5x11 X
Procedure Flow Chart.pdf 8.5x11 X
High Technology
High Tech Newsletter.pdf 11x17 X
High Tech Press Release.pdf 8.5x11 X
Hiring Application Folder
Hiring Application1.doc 8.5x11 X
Hiring Application2.doc 8.5x11 X
Issac Smith.doc 8.5x11 X
James Smithee.doc 8.5x11 X
John Littles.doc 8.5x11 X
Judy Smith.doc 8.5x11 X
Matthew Brown.doc 8.5x11 X
Other Documents
Biofold.pdf 8.5x11 X
Employee Handbook.pdf 8.5x11 X
Health Mail Stuffer.pdf 8.5x11 X
HR Report.pdf 8.5x11 X
IT Data Center
Biofold.pdf 8.5x11 X
Price List.xls 8.5x11 X
B&W Contract.pdf 8.5x11 X
Biofold.pdf 8.5x11 X
Community Plan.pdf 8.5x11 X
Legal Drawings.pdf 11X17 X
Real Estate Flyer.pdf 8.5X11 X
MFG Quality Report.pdf 8.5x11 X
MFG_Training 1.pdf 8.5x11 X
MFG Training 2.pdf 8.5x11 X
SIA MFG Sample.pdf 11X17 X
Real Estate
Real Estate Mailer CRD.pdf 8.5x11 X
Real Estate Mailer.pdf 8.5x11 X
Sample Banners
Happy Birthday1.pub 11.75x40 X
Happy Birthday2.pub 11.75x40 X
Welcome Home Soldier.pub 11.75x47.25 X
Banner Printing Templates.pub 11.75x47.25 X
Birthday Baseball.pub 11.75x40 X
Giraffe Growth Chart.pub 47.25x11.75 X
Giraffe Growth Chart.ppt (save file) 47.25x11.75
Motorcycle Banner.pdf 48x11.69 X
Document Recovery Banner.pdf 48x12 X
Happy Birthday3.pdf 47.24x11.69 X
Happy Birthday4.pdf 47.24x11.69 X
Sample Promotion Banner1.pdf 47.24x11.69 X
Sample Promotion Banner2.pdf 47.24x11.69 X
Brice 13th birthday banner.pub 37.25x4.75 X
Congratulations Bridal Shower1.pub 47.25x6.25 X
Congratulations Graduate.pub 47.25x6.25 X
HappyBirthday-Balloons.pub 39.5x11.32 X
Happy_Halloween_Banner_Template_1.pdf 42.22x11.75 X
Happy_Halloween_Banner_Template_2.pdf 47.22x11.75 X
Happy_Halloween_Banner_Template_3.pdf 47.24x11.7 X
HAPPY_HALLOWEEN.pdf 47.24x11.69 X