Video Security Solutions


Smart businesses, governments and schools need smart security solutions to protect their assets, staff and operations, and to guard against potential threats and liabilities. With intelligent internet-protocol (IP) design, Konica Minolta customizes our MOBOTIX video security systems to proactively address your monitoring and security needs – indoor, outdoor, in low-light, in challenging weather conditions, or with thermal imaging – to ensure you have visibility to all activity around your buildings and their perimeters. Our smart systems and intelligent video streaming capabilities allow for maximum coverage and maximum security.

MOBOTIX security cameras are an effective, active deterrent using intelligent video surveillance to watch over your assets and staff 24/7. You’ll sleep better knowing your business and its valuables are well protected.

Learn about the advantages of using MOBOTIX video security solutions from many actual customers in a wide array of industries, including education and transportation.

It’s not just about watching out for intruders into your physical space. You want to avert the break-ins, the vandals and the intruders plus protect your staff, students and citizens from an unthinkable danger. Our overview brochure explains it all – so you know how to build or supplement your network.

You may be a superhero when protecting data internally, but what about protecting it from external villains? Put on your cape of active deterrence with MOBOTIX intelligent video surveillance to prevent outlaws from invading your workplace.

With our unique, decentralized software-driven solution, we offer unparalleled security systems that not only collect data, but analyze and convert it into valuable, actionable information for a greater degree of intelligence. You can more effectively defuse highly dangerous situations and reduce your liability with better video surveillance and real-time alerts.

Whether you’re protecting a college campus or a grade school playground, your reliable system provides the security of everyone on the school grounds. Or if your business is prey to theft, vandalism, unauthorized intruders, fraud or breaches into controlled access areas, our indestructible, German-made products give you the tools your Chief Security Officer and enforcement team need for the safety of your people, inventory and premises. Providing both indoor and outdoor security camera systems, Konica Minolta’s video surveillance solutions offer a complete security system package.

Consider these benefits and product advantages for unparalleled safety