Point-of-Entry Solutions

Point-of-Entry Solutions

Supporting K-12 Education to Higher Education, Extended Care, Manufacturing and businesses looking to enhance their access control, our secure access solution provides several options you can add to customize your solution. Harness an automated suite of tools to cover your entry and screening requirements. With our FORXAI platform driving the data, you will be able to review information easily via the proprietary dashboard and reporting.

Developed with sophisticated algorithms that continuously adjust the running average of workers’ temperatures, your system makes to-the-minute adjustments to account for the camera environment and ensures error-free data. You can monitor your data via the dashboard or through several reports.

At its core, our secure access lets you customize your own automated workflow. Using artificial intelligence, you can cut operational costs and improve office efficiency with elegant, fully-automated secure entry and more streamlined access points.

Customize your workflow with add-on options to the core POINT-OF-ENTRY SCREENING & DASHBOARD REPORTING of FORXAI - Secure Access. Build the configuration that meets your compliance needs.

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Benefits of FORXAI - Secure Access