Book Scanners


For fast and precise book scanning, Konica Minolta offers you the latest book scanners to speed up your output. These book scanners boast superior color and detail, easy-to-use features and positions, and protection for bindings and fragile documents.

  • Konica Minolta PS5000C MKII Book Scanner Scanners Book

    PS5000C MKII

    The Konica Minolta PS5000C MKII is a fast, high-quality book scanner for large originals and 3D objects up to 2” high. The simple face-up scanning feature allows you to protect book bindings and fragile documents, plus the PS5000C MKII gives a wide array of auto-imaging features to make scanning simple.

  • Konica Minolta ScanDIVA Book Scanner Scanners Book


    The Konica Minolta ScanDIVA scanner makes color scanning fast and simple, with originals in face-up position to protect book bindings and fragile documents. Also, the superior imaging precision and 600 dpi output resolution makes for digitizing highly detailed text and graphics so you can give your clients the best imaging possible.