Digitally Transform Your Public Housing Agency

Your Digital Transformation Journey Begins Now

For Public Housing Agencies and Housing Authorities, we know that providing better service and operations is your number one priority. With the right, simple and adaptable technology, we can help you reduce operational costs while providing faster and higher quality services.

Rethink Intelligent Information Management

For Public Housing Authorities, it begins with the application process and continues through to an individual being successfully housed – all with the need to be processed quickly and efficiently. Start by watching this short video to learn about the solutions that can help maintain documentation safely, and provide access for whoever needs it.

Do More With Less

When the ultimate goal is to quickly place people into the safest, most appropriate housing solution — no time can be wasted. The services provided by a community’s public housing team is crucial for the well-being of constituents in your area. With smart technology solutions, you can gain the power to do important work at a new level, providing exceptional service to all potential tenants. Find out more about the solutions available to you.

Hear from Your Peers

“I have 50 agents managing 12,000 accounts digging for information everyday. They spend too much time just looking for what they need before they can do the work.”

– Housing Authority Director for a large east coast city


The director for a large east coast housing authority could see the inefficiencies in his office with the staff wrangling 400-page folders for 12,000 accounts. They needed a quicker way to search for information and get access to the information in the files. When COVID hit, they were really stuck – at home with no files.


Konica Minolta suggested that digitizing their back files would enable the team to have better information access. We could also use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the data so the team could do keyword searches to easily locate information within the documents.


The authority decided to scan all of its section 8 housing files, and was fortunate to leverage CARES ACT funding as they previously did not have the project budgeted. This enabled them to start their digital transformation toward modernization of processes in the agency.

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