Managed Mac Services

Managing and Deploying Mac Products to an Agile Workforce

Technology is not only changing the way employees work, it’s driving their decisions about where to work, and has become part of the conversation our customers are having about recruiting and retaining talent. Apple is a popular platform for today’s business and is the preferred choice for many professionals in the workforce. It is designed to support them with what they’re already familiar with and love to use. But, when it comes to adopting or updating Apple technology as part of business, there’s an ongoing list of challenges – limitations of time, resources, management, and security capabilities. Make things easier with Managed Mac Services.

Your specific Apple needs, from management to user support, are fully reinforced through our deep, broad expertise in the Apple platform. The result is a better, streamlined experience for both you and your organization.Offering an array of services, our Managed Mac Services deploy Windows, Google, and Apple devices at scale. And for Apple customers, we offer a suite of services to ensure those devices are optimally managed and secured for all businesses and organizations.

An End-to-End Management System

Whatever your need, we can help. We can handle the design, configuration, security, management, and support of your Apple platform, in an all-in-one, easy-to-access program. Our experienced Apple consulting team has been designing and supporting Apple solutions for over two decades across all verticals.

We also help customers prepare for implementation of Apple devices and services by evaluating existing infrastructure, making recommendations, establishing a management solution and offering configuration and training support. We provide access to the Apple endpoints to evaluate product security and offer ongoing support.

Apple Technology Management On Your Terms

Through our Managed Mac Services, the resources and services to support all your Apple technology needs are available. It can include: full endpoint management and security, expert consultative support, training, end user help desk, and complete lifecycle management options. Every customer has a dedicated technical manager that handles the process for the best-suited program integration and a personal project management tool for email hygiene, security including antivirus, and remote monitoring.

Every Managed Mac Customer Has:

A dedicated technical manager

A dedicated project management website

Tools included for email hygiene, antivirus, and remote monitoring

Dedicated configuration center

Best-In-Class Service

Benefits Delivered

Exceptional service goes hand-in-hand with the beneficial outcomes you’ll obtain from Konica Minolta. Processes are streamlined from deployment to retirement, making it an easier load on IT and your overall organization. To add to that, environmental responsibility is taken into factor for any disposition of assets. Single cost of ownership for devices allows for predictable expenses and shorter, efficient refresh cycles.

Supporting the Multi-Platform Ecosystem

Get the most out of your products and platforms in the workplace. With expertise in multiple platforms such as Apple and Microsoft, we can provide your business with a complete array of end-to-end solutions, no matter what the platform mix may be.

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