Managed IT Services

IT Management services.

Reduce your time and efforts by outsourcing management of computer systems. Increase your security while avoiding constantly rising costs.

  • Backup option safeguards data.
  • Reduce cost behind IT.
  • Increased security of computer systems.

Outsource IT management. Save time and costs.

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Comprehensive IT Management to Keep Your Technology Running Smoothly 24/7

It’s important to ensure that critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions, but maintaining IT systems with an in-house IT staff can be costly and inefficient.

Konica Minolta’s industry-leading IT Services division, All Covered, has services to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. Our IT Management Services provide regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

two people in server room checking on server

Solutions and Services

With a full suite of IT solutions and support systems, our clients receive support from a team of industry experts who care about producing satisfactory results. We’ll work with you to develop a personally tailored support plan for your business.

Server & PC Management

All Covered offers comprehensive server and desktop management to proactively update, back up and manage all of your computers and servers remotely. Our server and PC management services monitor every aspect of the network so issues can be detected before causing a problem.

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Help Desk

Through All Covered’s help desk service, IT users will have access to live help desk support via phone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We staff our help desk around the clock with All Covered engineers located in the United States and held to the same standards as our engineers who visit your business site.

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IT Support

Even the most stable and monitored IT systems can develop problems that require addressing. After reporting an issue, All Covered can remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate remote support to address the problem. When remote support isn’t enough, our engineers are available for onsite visits to assess problems and make repairs.

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IT Strategy

To ensure that your organization’s IT systems are positioned to support current and future demand, it is important to invest in strategic IT planning to create a maintainable IT infrastructure that will support your organization’s goals. All Covered’s engineers can help guide your business through the abundance of emerging technologies at your disposal and help plan a strategy that makes the most of your IT budget while addressing technology needs.

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Server Backup

Server crashes can affect any business and can stem from such mundane causes as human error, power outage or hardware failure. All Covered’s server backup solution uses an easy-to-deploy dedicated local appliance that incorporates local backup, cloud backup, and object-level exchange restore, and offers a local and cloud server business continuity option.

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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Fixed Spending

Investing in your internal IT department can be costly, with rapidly fluctuating prices as your business grows. However, when you outsource your IT services, your expenses will consolidate into a single fixed cost. Managed service providers like Konica Minolta operate with fixed monthly rates that you can easily calculate into your operational budget to avoid unexpected expenses.

Avoid Operational Costs

Hiring an in-house IT team means your company has significant operating expenses such as salaries, benefits and insurance. Your company may also lose time and money teaching staff members your company’s existing systems and processes. When you outsource your IT department, you’ll reduce many significant expenses and costs to add value to your business.

Expertise and Experience

Partnering with a managed IT services provider allows you to onboard a team of employees with the qualifications, training and experience specific to your industry without the need to find and interview them yourself.

Proactive Monitoring Services

A managed IT service provider will proactively monitor your IT systems to catch any early issues before they become serious problems. Managed service providers such as Konica Minolta will respond quickly reduce downtime for your company and ensure business continuity.

Improved Cyber Security

Outsourcing your IT services also allows you to improve cyber security and reduce the risk of sensitive information leaks. Many managed IT solutions will put security strategies in place to ensure your business complies with all security standards.

Best Equipment Rates

Creating and maintaining a list of vendors for all the IT equipment your company needs is an extensive task for many businesses. Fortunately, many managed service providers will deal with hardware and software sellers directly so you’ll receive the best market rate for equipment. 

Reduce Business Risks

All business investments involve some degree of risk, such as financial conditions, changes in technology and changing regulations and market conditions. Outsourcing your IT services will significantly reduce typical business risks. Your business will have experts at the ready who know your industry and assist with any security and compliance concerns.

Why Choose Us For Your Managed IT Services?

At All Covered, we recognize that our customers rely on our IT services to function correctly at all hours of the day. Our IT support services for businesses will prepare your organization for any technical issue. You can count on us to monitor your Help Desk or other IT solution and provide a timely response to any mishap. To learn more, call 866-446-1133 or contact All Covered online today!

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