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Security Today For Stability Tomorrow

While infrastructural security once focused solely on physical threats like natural disasters or theft, the digital workplace brings a new source of danger. Ensuring information and asset security while being prepared for future threats is crucial.

At Konica Minolta, we provide total security solutions, ranging from video security solutions to cybersecurity, across all your valuable assets and environments. Our industry-leading measures cover defensive as well as offensive strategies. And with our cloud backup and disaster recovery, you can feel confident that any data loss threat is reduced.

Our managed security services offer scalable digital security to protect businesses of any size from cyberthreats. We also offer project assessments to analyze your current IT security and suggest solutions that ensure cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

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IT Security Solutions

IT security is important because it protects the systems, networks and devices that power your business. Without an effective IT security plan, your private information, passwords, data and customer information can be compromised. With effective IT security solutions, you can keep your business safe.

Keeping Your Data Protected in the Digital Age

A weak IT security strategy is the surest way to succumb to one of the countless security risks threatening businesses today. Additionally, threats not related to hacking can be just as devastating. Floods, fires, natural disasters, hardware failure and human error all have the potential to disrupt your business processes, sometimes indefinitely.

What to Consider When Planning for IT Security

IT security can provide your company with peace of mind when it comes to protecting data and important information. Natural disasters, malicious threats and human error are all events that can cause harm to networks, systems and devices. The best way to combat threats is to have an IT security plan for your business.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Messaging Protection:

Guard against potentially harmful email attachments and third parties gaining access to sensitive data contained in emails.

Endpoint Protection:

Secure your servers and workstations from external risks, improving your security posture and user productivity.


Keep your systems current and running smoothly with patching services provided by All Covered. We also fix security vulnerabilities and other bugs affecting your programs.

Vulnerability Management:

Monitor the security vulnerabilities in your IT system and craft effective solutions, ensuring that your system remains secure in the long term.

Regulatory Compliance:

Stay ahead of ever-changing IT security regulations to help avoid penalties and save your company money.

Why Choose Us?

We know that the realities of work are changing. With the growing number of remote employees and new security threats, companies must overcome many IT challenges. At Konica Minolta, we have the expertise to help you navigate these challenges to ensure your business’s success. Whether you need to secure remote work environments, coordinate a safe return to the office or meet regulatory compliance standards, we provide solutions to meet all your requirements.

Our managed security services can help your business stay productive and save money. With our strategies in place, you can reduce the chance of unexpected profit loss caused by data breaches to protect your bottom line. You’ll also eliminate the need to dedicate in-house resources to cybersecurity, allowing your employees to stay focused on their jobs.

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