Cloud VMS Solutions

Cloud Video Management Solutions

Eliminate worries of on-site information storage from your video network with a flexible, cost-effective cloud solution. Storing images and other image data locally can become cumbersome and your data could be at risk, due to power outages and hardware failures or cyber-attacks.

You can efficiently store data in the cloud VMS, whether you have a video network of multiple cameras at a single location or cameras in multiple locations. This provides you with a centralized location for all of your images and other important image information.

With your data secured in the cloud, it is now possible to deploy an alert system across your team. Cloud storage enables you to access the images via mobile devices and its VMS enables the cameras to be networked making it easy for your security team to see everything on one dashboard. Give your team the visibility they need and the timely alerts so they can take actionable measures.

While you will have cloud storage, you will also have an on-board SD card on every camera – that keeps recording activity, even when your network goes down.

Consider these benefits of Cloud Solutions

Operational Oversight

Monitor activity at any number of locations, as if you were there.

Cloud-Secure Storage

Securely gain access to recorded video and voice data at any time.


Storage in the cloud provides ability to review from anywhere, via your mobile device.

Server-less Video Management

No worries or expense of an on-site server or network storage.

Recording Continuity

Camera back-up with on-board SD card.

Fast Access at the Edge

Quickly store and access images with the VMS closer to the video devices.

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