Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection

Your return to work strategy should include an added layer of protection. To ensure your employees and visitors adhere to your mask-wearing guidelines, face mask detection software is a must have for your organization. This software can provide that extra protection you are looking for to help maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Face mask detection software uses advanced neural network algorithms to recognize a person’s face and detect if they are wearing a mask. To ensure all employees are maintaining safety standards at your office, all detections are linked to corresponding video clips and can easily be played back for your review.

Your security team will be notified immediately via SMS or screen popup when employees and visitors are not wearing a face mask. This will allow your team to act quickly to ensure your guidelines are being followed and your office staff is safe.

Benefits of Face Mask Detection

Flexible Software

Operates with most IP cameras.

SMS Alerts

From your server, sent alerts to your team via SMS or screen pop-ups.


Detect employees and visitors out of compliance.

Simple User Interface

Access analytics easily and remotely.

Evidence Linking

Detections are linked to video clips for play back & verification.

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