Thermal Screening Solutions

Thermal Screening Solutions

From monitoring a heat-sensitive manufacturing operation to detecting elevated body temperature (EBT), thermal video monitoring is your first level of screening. Thermal Screening solutions maintain the health and well-being of your business and school population and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what’s important.

Using thermal radiometry to detect heat sensitivity – can provide not only the assurance that your employees and office visitors are safe, but can monitor heat-sensitive areas to keep your equipment functioning at full capacity to avoid electrical overloads or equipment malfunctions. Thermal screening solutions help to improve device reliability and extend the overall life of your equipment.

With a great need to ensure your machinery does not overheat or your student body/work population is safe from potential viruses – thermal imaging cameras can be mounted at your facility or positioned with our screening station, providing first-level screening. This thermal solution sends an alert when it detects a temperature out of the compliance range so you can take the necessary action.

Consider these benefits of Thermal Screening Solutions

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Durable, Reliable Engineering

Have confidence & reliability with German-made sensing devices.

Flexible Solutions

Install as one device or as a part of a network of devices across multiple facilities.

Versatile Installation

Mount on your walls, utilize tripods or deploy all-in-one screening stations.

Autonomously Screen

First level screening to detect body surface temperatures and meet prescribed guidelines.


Images and temperature data are saved on the dashboard with clear green or red indicators of pass or fail.