Video Security Solutions for K-12 Schools

An Intelligent End-to-End Video Security Solution For School Safety

We understand the importance of safety and security in a school environment – it’s about protecting students and staff, plus their surroundings. With the latest advancements in technology, schools now have access to the best video security solutions with the flexibility and affordability needed.

Providing Smart, Analytical and Actionable Information

At Konica Minolta, we take video security to the next level. Our portfolio of smart video security solutions can be customized to your district’s needs and safeguard against potential threats and liabilities, and enable you to be proactive with detection features. It’s all connected to the future of your school.

Get Smart

What do we mean by an “intelligent” video security solution? Make sure you have controlled entry, high-resolution images, a wide field of vision, detection features and so much more. Watch our video to find out how you can start improving your video security today.

School Watch

School security and safety are always top-of-mind with educators, administrators, parents and students. Learn more about what it means to implement a comprehensive video security system.

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