Video Security Solutions for Government Agencies

Ensuring the Safety and Protection of Your Constituents

Expectations run high for the quality and efficiency of video security and surveillance that are put into place to keep constituents safe, whether in public spaces or visiting a government office. There is nothing more important than the reassurance that all is being protected and secured in a safe environment in our daily lives.

Providing Smart, Analytical and Actionable Information

Konica Minolta provides a comprehensive portfolio of smart video security solutions that can be customized to the needs of federal, state and local government authorities. Partner with us to implement an intelligent video security solution that ensures a high level of protection throughout your facilities and operations.

Start with Quality

A highly successful video security solution always includes the highest quality equipment – it’s one component of many that need to be considered. Learn why it matters in the Government sector by watching this short video to learn more about the key benefits.

Where Are Your Deficiencies?

Take time to reassess your current physical security environment for public safety. It’s an ongoing effort and responsibility to keep up with the latest security solutions that will ensure protections at all times.

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