Video Security Solutions for Healthcare

Prioritizing the Safety and Protection of Your Patients & Visitors

We know the healthcare industry doesn’t get breaks. The safety and security of hospital staff, patients, visitors, buildings and any surrounding areas is an all year-round concern 24/7. Intelligent video security technology is always evolving so it’s crucial to keep up with the latest solutions.

Providing Smart, Analytical and Actionable Information

Partner with Konica Minolta to find out how your healthcare organization can use intelligent video technology solutions to address security needs and stop problems before they happen.

Secured Access for Your Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare organizations especially can be an active and complex environment. An Emergency Room is a prime example of why high level security is necessary to ensure the safety and security.

“Our Emergency Department and its waiting room is a very active location. Gunshot victims, gang retaliation, Sheriff Department transfers, and mental health transfers. Having high quality video without blind spots is very important.”

— Director of Security, Hospital

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