Print Management


Bring accountability and control of printed output to your district or campus and you’ll be amazed at how much money and resources you’ll save. Our education print management services and device management solutions will help you easily accomplish this.

Allocating the cost of print/copy jobs to the appropriate grant, contract, or department can be a very labor-intensive process. On many campuses, it starts with a faculty member or researcher filling out a chargeback form and submitting it to the campus reprographics center. Reprographics then runs the job, adds the cost details to the chargeback form, and forwards the form to institutional accounting, which processes the charge. In the end, the labor costs associated with the chargeback can exceed the amount billed to the grant or contract.

That’s why many colleges and universities implement a solution for student-facing print and copy management and cost recovery. But Konica Minolta education print management solutions also enable institutions to manage printing and copying in their administrative and academic back offices, thereby reducing costs, supporting environmental sustainability initiatives, and automating accounting functions.

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