Packaging & Labels

Out of the box thinking for the packaging industry

Are customers coming to you asking for shorter runs for their packaging and/or labels? Are they growing worried with the threat of counterfeiting and asking you for solutions? Are you seeing an increase in versioning – while also being pressured to do more for less cost?

The packaging industry continues to be an economic juggernaut, especially as digital printing allows more latitude in personalization and customization. At Konica Minolta, we believe there is no such thing as one size fits all in packaging. In fact, we look to provide disruption in the space, shaking up the status quo to give you different ways to consider applications and how to bring them to market.

We assess your business first

What materials are you printing on? What are your customers asking for? Do you work with an e-commerce model or workflow? How do you manage your workflow to design for packaging? Do you use foil or finishes on your packages or labels? Will you be doing versioning? Are you open to different technologies, such as BOPP printing?

Solutions & Services

Web to Print Storefront

Konica Minolta provides the most flexible and powerful suite of web to print solutions in the industry, whether you’re controlling print jobs across multiple facilities, need simple cost- or
price-based quoting, or just want to improve communication throughout your facility. Cloud-based solutions can be quickly deployed, saving you time and resources.

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Print Job Automation/Management

Konica Minolta provides workflow solutions that are tailored to your operation, using LEAN methodologies and tools to eliminate waste, decrease non-value added steps and reduce overall touch points.

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Make Ready

Professional make-ready capabilities allow you to create an intelligent print set-up and streamlined pre-press phase so you can deliver within tight deadlines and even make last minute client changes quickly, efficiently, and in the most cost-effective way. We work with you to match your business and work style with the right solution.

Variable Data Printing

Konica Minolta VDP services will help you produce mailers with eye-catching colors, and accurate printing job after job – Our Variable Data Solutions Increase the value of the printed piece through personalization allowing the printed piece to speak directly to the recipient.

Our representatives will work closely with you to understand your business’s needs and develop a solution-based plan that’s unique to you.

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Automated Color Management

Color surrounds us – in every book, catalogue, flyer, direct mail piece and more. It not only grabs our attention, but also evokes an emotion that engages us with the printed piece. Konica Minolta’s intelligent color and image control solutions ensure the quality and vibrancy in printed products, so you can deliver precise color reproduction easily, consistently, and with cost savings.

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