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Corporate law faces many challenges – increasing productivity, reducing costs, maximizing efficiency, automating processes and staying prepared for IT security threats. Konica Minolta has proven expertise in understanding the demands involved in maintaining and growing a successful legal department through our corporate counsel solutions and services.

Konica Minolta assists legal departments of all sizes, no matter which side of the law you’re on, to help them work smarter and more efficiently with Workplace of The FutureTM solutions and services designed to streamline data and document management. We are the industry leader in providing state of the art document solutions, workflow automation software and services, hardware and support for legal professionals. We help firms like yours leverage industry-leading solutions and technology so you can focus on the practice of law.

All Covered, our IT Services Division, helps you prepare for IT security threats including malware, loss of reputation, and data corruption and loss of productivity due to IT systems failure. We provide more productive ways of collaborating on documents which is significantly safer than e-mail or basic file-sharing alternatives. The Lawyer’s Help Desk™, an exclusive legal IT support service from All Covered, provides fast one-on-one legal support service so you’re not spending your billable hours waiting on hold. The engineers on staff have supported real-world law firms so they understand the nuances of legal technology and have managed teams specializing in law firm IT support.

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