K-12 Education Solutions

Connected, Collaborated and Safe

Konica Minolta provides complete solutions across schools, from back-end work flow and information management solutions, to digital classroom tools, innovative and cost-effective collaboration tools, physical and cyber security solutions and IT services to help enhance already tight budgets. This allows our education customers to concentrate on their core competency… Teaching. Here at Konica Minolta and All Covered we can help you troubleshoot your classroom technology, deal with WiFi issues, and help with trouble loading applications. If you’re spending more time managing these incidentals than teaching, it won’t be long before that bell rings and the next period starts and that precious learning time is lost.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., has been honored with a prestigious BLI PaceSetter award for two consecutive years in the K–12 Education category for best in industry solutions from the analysts at Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI).


K12 Solutions BLI Award

Improving Students’ Educational Experiences

Providing an enriching educational experience is the top priority for K-12 institutions. Teachers and administrators care about preparing their students for the world, but there are factors that can interfere with a school’s ability to educate.

At Konica Minolta, we recognize that communication, efficiency and finances play a major role in the education K-12 schools can provide their students. That’s why we focus on creating innovative digital solutions that address the specific issues schools face.

IT, print management, IIM and other systems from Konica Minolta enable seamless communication between school departments and with parents. We move your data to a secure, user-friendly online system so that authorized teachers and parents can access and share it quickly.
Our systems ensure that parents and teachers have all of the information they need to monitor their students’ academic performance. All the while, our programs help schools reduce overhead costs by reducing paper usage and increasing administrative efficiency.

K-12 schools can use digital solutions from Konica Minolta for a variety of applications, such as recording grades, tracking attendance, communicating announcements, reporting closures, enrolling new students, and providing financial aid. K-12 software from Konica Minolta can make a significant difference for educational institutions. Our full suite of digital services can improve administrative processes so educators can focus on what they do best — teaching their students.

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The team at Konica Minolta is here to help K-12 schools meet the evolving digital landscape with confidence. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored solution that implements the latest trends and analytics. To get started with Konica Minolta, request a quote today!

Solutions and Services

Print Management

Schools can save money and help the environment by reducing print waste. Our managed print services program and device management solutions bring accountability and give administrations control of printed output.

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Cooperative Contracts

Ease your workload by taking advantage of cooperative bidding processes. Konica Minolta has been awarded national cooperative contracts to meet the rules and regulations of public agency bidding requirements.

Security and Compliance

Student records and course content are valuable and vulnerable to cyber-threats. We offer lock-down protection with FERPA-compliant safeguard services so parents and faculty can rest assured knowing their data is safe.

IT Services

Our certified engineers can assist you with adopting new technologies to keep your school relevant in a changing world. Outsource your school’s IT with Konica Minolta for dependable services at an affordable rate.

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Collaborative Classroom Technology

While once disregarded as distractions, digital whiteboards, iPads and apps are now common classroom tools. Our suite of solutions makes mobile printing and collaboration easy from the devices your students and teachers feel most comfortable using.

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Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

Our IIM systems will help your K-12 school solve administrative workflow challenges to close inefficiency gaps, improve days in A/R and enhance your students’ experience.

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In Plant

With professional print production devices, your school, college, or your school college or university can bring large and custom print jobs in-house and develop creative texts, saving the costs of buying materials in order to address specific lessons for your diverse student body.

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Library Management

The increasing variety of services that your library must now support – printing, scanning, faxing, charge-back, etc. – has put greater strain on your staff and administrators. With library management software and solutions, your workers can spend less time on menial tasks and more time supporting patrons.

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Technology Bundles for Education

For school facilities, organization, efficiency and security is key to running a smooth day to day operation. Keeping students, faculty and staff safe is a priority and keeping everyone engaged daily is imperative. These packages have been modified to support each of these key initiatives and their goals are to encourage maximum output.

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