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Protect Business Data and Defend Against Future Attacks

While infrastructure security once focused solely on physical threats like natural disasters or theft, the digital workplace brings a new source of danger. It is critical that businesses take the necessary steps to safeguard their people, process and their technology now and prepare for future threats.

IDC: Marketscape Vendor Assessment

IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, has named Konica Minolta a major player in the security space. Now more than ever, it is crucial for organizations to partner with the right security solutions provider. One who will provide the expertise needed for a modernized approach to not only cybersecurity but also device and document security. It’s all connected to business success.

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Security Today for Stability Tomorrow

We provide total security solutions, ranging from cybersecurity to video security solutions across all your valuable assets and environments. Our industry-leading measures cover defensive as well as offensive strategies. And with our cloud backup and disaster recovery, you can feel confident that any data loss threat is reduced.

Our managed security services offer scalable digital security to protect businesses of any size from cyber threats. We also offer project assessments to analyze your current IT security and suggest solutions that ensure cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

IT Security Solutions

IT security is important because it protects the systems, networks and devices that power your business. Without an effective IT security plan, your private information, passwords, data and customer information can be compromised. With effective IT security solutions, you can keep your business safe.

What to Consider When Forming an Data Recovery Plan

Creating a layered security plan will provide your company with peace of mind when it comes to protecting data and important information. Natural disasters, malicious threats and human error are all events that can cause harm to networks, systems and devices.  The best way to combat threats is to have a data recovery plan in place for your business.

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