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The financial service industry is a unique entity in the business world. At its core, finance is not transactional — rather, it’s a type of stewardship. From banks and investing firms to insurance companies and financial service advisors, customers entrust their assets and accounts to professional care. Regardless of the size of your financial institution, updating your technology infrastructure gives you a competitive edge over competitors who still rely on outdated systems and paper-based work.

Digital transformation to improve customer experience and productivity

Finance business solutions from Konica Minolta are designed to help you embrace modernization, simplification and automation. Your business needs ways to ensure compliance with fast-changing regulatory demands and securing financial records all while keeping client confidentiality. Our services, solutions and hardware provide all of that plus the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while improving IT management and services, streamlining financial document processing, eliminating paper and optimizing device deployment to save time and money.

Leading provider of IT compliance and cybersecurity services

Benefit from industry-leading IT services from All Covered that provide financial institutions with the right solutions to acquire, maintain and grow your customer relationships. The team of certified security and compliance professionals that will help you stay digitally mature are former banking and IT security executives experienced in delivering solutions to financial institutions. The result is your firm continues to raise the competitive bar and increase productivity, while maintaining regulatory compliance and implementing security measures to mitigate cyber threats.

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Take Advantage of Better Content Organization, Filing, Searching, Collaboration – and Much Less Manual Labor. Whether you work in financial services or in a law firm, you know that both of these industries are still paper-intensive, with mountains of details and an increasing number of rules and regulations. For either industry, organization and efficiency are essential to locate and process the correct information. This will ensure you meet your clients’ expectations and their satisfaction with your services.

Whether financial services or the practice of law, workflow automation can help you with the heavy lifting for your firm. Automation can reduce manual processes that eat up time and have major effects on your bottom line.

Who We Serve

Commercial Banks
Investment Banks
Savings Banks
Mortgage Companies
Brokerage Firms
Hedge Funds
Investment Advisors
Credit Unions

Solutions and Services

Konica Minolta has one of the broadest finance-specific solution portfolios to help you with these vital needs. We are today’s industry leader in providing our finance customers with solutions such as intelligent information management, IT infrastructure support, cybersecurity consulting, advanced workflow management, collaboration tools, print management, document scanning & conversion services and document security options.

Security & Compliance

Security measures account for a growing portion of a financial institution’s IT budget. Our All Covered IT Services provide excellent IT customer support day to day. Our information security and compliance professionals help improve oversight into complex security and IT processes, ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations and strengthen financial institution’s cybersecurity posture. Konica Minolta can also help make certain you are receiving the highest level of certification for commercially available products, for example with our bizhub multifunction devices which are ISO 15408 certified at EAL 3.

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Print Management

Print Management softens the hit to your budget from all of that paper you generate for your customers. Our automated system for workflow management can transform your business processes to be fully integrated with your technologies.

Experience secure and convenient workflow management, network faxing and other features that allow you to easily track and control your costs. Our All Covered IT Services expand the power and productivity of our end-to-end document solutions by giving you tremendous document and infrastructure management capabilities.

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Managed IT Services

Ongoing managed IT support can provide regular assessment of systems and networks that provide essential security to your PCs and servers and keep all systems running smoothly. The goal of managed IT services is to prevent potential complications and minimize downtime while helping your team remain efficient and productive. Some of the most popular managed IT services include server and PC management, IT strategic planning, server backup solutions, IT support and virtualization.

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Intelligent Information Management

Financial institutions experience many paper-based processes and manual workflows that slow down response time to customers – as with mortgage approvals. By implementing a digital strategy with Konica Minolta IIM, your business can eliminate paper and increase automation for streamlined, time-saving processes.

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Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)

Assists financial institutions in fulfilling the role of oversight and security, at a fraction of the cost of an in house Information Security Officer.

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Help Desk & Application Support

A dedicated engineering team focused solely on supporting financial institutions, who are familiar with most financial application software.

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