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Solutions that make a statement

The transactional industry is growing. Consumers still prefer paper bills – and often do not open or ignore emails. But challenges do exist: tight turnaround times, security concerns, SLA management, data management. Today’s consumer also expects communication pieces to be engaging.

Konica Minolta has an unrivaled portfolio of solutions to help optimize transactional communications. From printing to marketing to managing data, we can help you increase response rates, automate processes, even effectively run campaigns across multiple touches. it’s a 360 degree approach that takes transactional printing to the next level and allows you to tap into new growth opportunities.

Solutions & Services

Web to Print Storefront

Konica Minolta provides the most flexible and powerful suite of web to print solutions in the industry, whether you’re controlling print jobs across multiple facilities, need simple cost- or
price-based quoting, or just want to improve communication throughout your facility. Cloud-based solutions can be quickly deployed, saving you time and resources.

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Print Job Automation/Management

Konica Minolta provides workflow solutions that are tailored to your operation, using LEAN methodologies and tools to eliminate waste, decrease non-value added steps and reduce overall touch points.

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Professional make-ready capabilities allow you to create an intelligent print set-up and streamlined pre-press phase so you can deliver within tight deadlines and even make last minute client changes quickly, efficiently, and in the most cost-effective way. We work with you to match your business and work style with the right solution.

Document Verification

In today’s litigious society, being sure of what you’ve printed is critical. Our document verification solutions ensure compliance and can be integrated throughout your operations.

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Postal Presort Software

Prepare bulk direct mailings faster and more efficiently with tools that automate data cleaning and ensure physical addresses are up to date, no duplicate mailings are generated, and all address labels are standardized.

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Variable Data Printing

Konica Minolta VDP services will help you produce mailers with eye-catching colors, and accurate printing job after job Our Variable Data Solutions Increase the value of the printed piece through personalization allowing the printed piece to speak directly to the recipient.

Our representatives will work closely with you to understand your business’s needs and develop a solution-based plan that’s unique to you.

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MIS (Managed Information System)

Whether you’re in one building or multiple facilities, our MIS solutions allow you to manage your entire operation on-premise or on the cloud. From inventory management, purchasing, scheduling, postal accounting, proofing, estimation, billing, cost and reporting, Konica Minolta provides one platform with flexible APIs to tie into existing products.

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Marketing Services

Konica Minolta provides unrivaled marketing services, From complete creative development to execution of every non-printing aspect of your marketing strategy, Konica Minolta provides marketing services so you can focus on the work you need to and let our industry recognized marketing professionals do the rest.

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