Public Sector Solutions

Justice For All

The law says that every citizen has a right to justice. It’s your job to ensure that happens. But keeping up with regulations and managing IT infrastructure can challenge your work. Konica Minolta public sector business solutions and services can help you do your job without limitations.

From our workplace of the future solutions for workflow management to document collaboration to document management, Konica Minolta deserves is the right partner for you. We offer solutions as Dispatcher Phoenix, an advanced workflow automation application that streamlines legal workflows and saves time by simplifying the process of preparing case files for clients, courts and legal discovery.

We provide a more productive way of collaborating on documents, which is significantly simpler and safer than email or basic file-sharing alternatives. And, we solve document collaboration challenges by providing a secure, central online workspace to store, access, and collaborate on documents, making them available to your personnel when they need them.

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