Application Development

Improving Collaboration and Efficiency

Transform your enterprise and drive innovation  with our comprehensive application development packages. Our Application Development Services provide companies with easy, streamlined access to a range of software and application.  When it comes to driving sales, collaboration and building an intelligent workforce, your business needs cutting-edge technology at its disposal.  

Create Custom Applications To Reach Your Business Goals

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, websites, intranets and business intelligence programs are all essential applications . We can meet your business needs with our sophisticated solutions, thanks to our application services team’s experience across all major industries.  These applications are developed specifically to fit the needs or your organization and comply with all relevant data security regulations.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

There are no limits when it comes to building custom business applications to meet your needs. If you have ideas for apps that can help streamline your business operations, we can help you take the next step toward making them a reality. If you want to use an app to provide better services to your customers, we can help you with that, too. With the right custom business apps, you can optimize the way goods and services are provided to your customers.

Taking Your Business To The Next Level:


Businesses need a strong and efficient salesforce to grow and make sales every day. Salesforce applications can help streamline your sales team’s processes and help them engage with customers to close sales and keep your profits growing. These applications can make the whole process more engaging to give customers and salespeople alike a better sales experience.

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Business Intelligence

Use intelligence apps to track trends and patterns in your business. Use the information you gather to make informed decisions about your marketing campaign, sales goals and various other key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Custom Applications

If existing apps or app architecture are lacking in the features you need, a custom app can be the solution you’ve been looking for. Designed with your needs in mind, custom apps will deliver the performance and capabilities you need to reach your business goals.

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Sharepoint Development

This multi-faceted platform from Microsoft helps organizations integrate, manage and share data. SharePoint can streamline and accelerate business processes and make it easy to securely share information both within and outside your organization. With a deep knowledge of the SharePoint platform, All Covered can help you develop a unique SharePoint experience customized to suit your individual business goals and needs.

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Mobile Application Development

A mobile application that works intuitively can be invaluable to your business especially when you think about how the mobile device has become the centerpiece to everyone’s personal and work life. Whether it’s built for use on iOS or Android, a mobile app can increase productivity for employees, boost sales, or provide easy access to services. The best part is that you own the code All Covered creates for you.

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Web Development Services

Through our Web Development Services, All Covered can create a unique web experience to suit your organization’s specific needs. Our team of web development experts strategizes, defines and plans your website objectives based on an in-depth understanding of your business. We conduct research on your industry, audiences, goals, strengths and weaknesses to map out your online presence. We then use these insights to design, develop and deploy the best web solution for your organization.

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Take The Next Step

We will evaluate your current workflows, review your industry compliance requirements and identify areas where a business application will improve your operations.  To get the most out of your business applications, we will seamlessly integrate your applications with your existing systems  and will will account for your IT environment, security requirements, backup needs and other vital considerations. Lastly, we will make it easy for your to gain data insight that will drive your company forward.

The Benefits of Application Development Services

Your business has unique needs that ready-made applications may not be able to meet. We’ll tailor your business applications to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the best results. Working with us can help you: