Powerful and fast compact desktop document scanner for efficient workspaces. Fits in tight spaces, easily scans in batches with remarkable versatility.

Epson’s award-winning sheet-fed desktop scanners offer efficient solutions to capture information from documents, spreadsheets, receipts, and more. Engineered for reliability, these high-performance products offer high-speed scanning and seamless compatibility with a variety of document management systems.

Featuring Flatbed Scanners and Large format Flatbed Scanner with options offering high-speed duplex document scanning along with flatbed versatility, these scanners are the smart solution for fast, easy scanning for virtually any need. Use the high-capacity ADFs to blaze through stacks of 1- or 2-sided documents.

Lightweight, portable and travel-friendly, Epson’s award-winning mobile document scanners help you scan and save data from wherever business takes you. These high-performance products ensure you’re able to capture critical data in the office or on the road.

Dedicated network scanners make it easy for your workgroup to efficiently scan and share stacks of 2-sided documents, as well as rigid ID cards, documents up to 8.5″ x 240″ and more. Enhanced performance features, PC-free scanning capabilities and simple, dedicated presets make these network models perfect for businesses that value security, dependability and speed.

Designed with ultra-fast speeds, larger ADF capacities and higher duty cycles, these high-efficiency workgroup scanners make it easy to take on any project with world-class performance. Choose from standard and large-format desktop models to quickly digitize 2-sided documents, folded pages, plastic cards, sealed envelopes, passports and more.

The Kodak E1000 Series Scanners are compact, duplex color document scanners perfect for personal and workgroup use. They scan 25-35 A4/letter size pages per minute (200/300 dpi black and white, grayscale, and color). The input tray holds 80 pages.Kodak scanning applications allow you to scan your documents and send them to various destinations with the touch of a button, then search for and view your digitized documents based on different search criteria.

The scanners may be used with other computer-based scanning applications by means of the TWAIN or ISIS driver interface. And they connect to your computer over a USB cable. They offer a 1.5 inch seven-segment display screen so you can monitor the scanner and buttons for selecting and initiating scanner functions.

The i4000 Series offers a host of features combined with our exceptional image quality to help you deliver high productivity. Get crisp, clear images even with challenging originals, thanks to Perfect Page image processing. And Dual LED technology produces high OCR read rates for even better data extraction precision with no loss of scanning speed.

At the end of the day, success depends on how much you’ve accomplished since the start of your day. For years, award-winning Kodak i5000 Series Scanners have been the choice of the most demanding customers in the toughest scanning environments – service bureaus, business process outsourcing organizations, and corporate scanning departments. The newest i5000 models offer efficiency and reliability that can positively impact productivity and enable true, high-volume processing.

The Kodak i5850 desktop scanner was created to triumph over the many processing challenges faced by digital mail rooms, multinational financial and insurance services firms, manufacturing organizations, government entities, and others that process huge volumes of documents containing diverse varieties of information.

Digital transformation starts with information capture. Imagine document scanning that speeds and simplifies your business processes. The Kodak S2000 Series Scanners are built to let users capture information anywhere, with superior image quality and data accuracy. It’s the perfect solution when you need to get information into your business processes quickly.

Digitize vital information trapped on paper for use in your ERP and CRM systems. Or be ready for technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to further streamline repetitive tasks and free up your workforce. Whether you’re scanning to an application, file folder, or initiating a business process, Kodak S3000 Series Scanners and Kodak S3000 Max Series Scanners set the new standard for capture accuracy, security, and ease for any industry.

The KODAK S3060 Scanner is ideal for any document-heavy process that needs to digitize business-critical data trapped on paper at the edge of your processes. With industry-leading image enhancement technology to optimize OCR accuracy while reducing file size, reliable paper handling to minimize document damage and time spent at the scanner, and free to use software that empowers users to distribute data to where it is needed from the push of a button, the S3060 helps improve the productivity of your staff, improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your processes, and improve profitability. Add to this enterprise-level security and integration features and you have a scanner that makes sense for all organizations today and tomorrow.

The KODAK S3100 Scanner offers scanning for multiple users with built-in networking that can make you productive today or is ready to grow with you as your needs change. Our industry-leading image enhancement technology can optimize OCR accuracy while reducing file size, which means the S3100 can help you capture with the best image quality and deliver data to exactly the place you need it- either to collaborate from or start a business process. The reliable paper handling can minimize document damage and time spent at the scanner that improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your processes. Bundled free to use software allows you to distribute data to where it is needed from the push of a button and enterprise-level security and integration features gives you a scanner that makes sense and improves your bottom line.

The KODAK Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner can solve unique challenges with powerful integration capabilities that can be used to produce efficiency-boosting customizations. Turn data into decisions quickly and seamlessly with simple network setup and robust remote management.

With the compact Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner, collecting, managing and distributing information is simple and desktop friendly. It moves valuable information from paper into your workflow quickly and intuitively.