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MSP & Outsourced IT Support

Information Technology departments today, especially in small and medium sized businesses, face ever-increasing task complexity. This complexity leads to high costs and ties up IT resources. Outsourcing all or parts of your IT support to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can deliver many operational benefits to your business, making it more efficient, collaborative, competitive, and secure.

Why Do I Need An MSP?

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional or a business executive, selecting a third-party managed IT provider can help your business save time and resources so you’re able to focus on more important matters. Beyond cutting costs and solving IT capacity issues, choosing the right MSP can accelerate your business’ digital transformation, improve organizational communications, and enhance the customer experience.

Here are some important advantages that a Managed Service Provider can provide for your business:

IT Solutions

All Covered Care

A customizable all-in-one solution that help smalls businesses take the worry out of managing their networks.

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All Covered Assurance

Our comprehensive turnkey offering provides the productivity, security and flexibility your organization needs.

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Microsoft 365

We are both a Gold-Certified Microsoft partner and Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). We realize every business is different and each implementation of M365’s functionality is unique to the needs of the customer.

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What Services Are Typically Provided By An MSP?

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IT Services Tailored to You

If it’s not cost-effective for you to maintain an in-house IT staff, let us be your Managed Service Provider. We can provide supplemental IT consulting and support in specific areas or on key technology projects – freeing up resources to focus on core business objectives. We will provide a needs assessment and develop a solution to fit your specific needs. This would include:

  • Computer & Network Consulting
  • Planning & Design
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Management

How Do I Choose An MSP That’s Right For My Business?

Choosing the right Managed Service Provider for your business means selecting an MSP with the proven ability to quickly, effectively, and comprehensively manage your IT system’s operation. Look for an MSP with the following qualities:

Choose an MSP that can integrate all the fundamental tools, services, and applications in a single platform to keep your business running efficiently and provide the added benefit of technical support and an on-demand help desk. For example, Konica Minolta’s All Covered Assurance is the comprehensive turnkey offering that provides a complete managed services experience, ensuring user productivity, system readiness, data availability and complete security with total visibility and governance across your IT landscape.

Konica Minolta has experience working with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and have tailored our IT services to meet your everyday challenges. We have more than 33 years’ worth of experience in delivering a broad range of IT services – from expert advice & assessments through to managed services & helpdesk support – for all forms of IT infrastructure, digital workplaces, and IT operations. We provide a dedicated team of accredited experts for every IT challenge – from IT Analysts, IT Project Managers & Implementation engineers through to multi-tiered IT support agents.

As a leading technology consulting company, we successfully serve organizations nationwide across all major industries. Our extensive reach empowers us to secure competitive pricing from key suppliers, stay at the forefront of technological advancements, and enhance our expertise through collective knowledge within our organization. We prioritize local presence, ensuring fast response times and familiar faces for our valued customers.

In some cases an MSP is chosen to completely replace a business’s IT team, however it is more often the case that an MSP will work to extend and enhance the existing team’s capabilities. Choose an MSP that will empower and work flexibly with your in-house team to identify issues and maximize efficiency and cybersecurity. This will free them up to ensure that IT supports your strategy and business goals.

With Konica Minolta, you will receive the security and benefits from working with a global company that has won many industry awards, including being named to CRN’s MSP Elite 150 category for 2023, its fourth consecutive year in the Elite 150 category, and being named a ‘Major Player’ in the IDC Marketscape for Worldwide Security Solutions and Services Hardcopy category.

Why Choose Us For Your Managed IT Services?

We recognize that our customers rely on our IT services to function correctly at all hours of the day. Our IT support services for businesses will prepare your organization for any technical issue. You can count on us to monitor your Help Desk or other IT solution and provide a timely response to any mishap. To learn more, contact us today.