Facilities Management

Focused, Excellence

Smooth Operations

Ensuring your office runs smoothly is no easy task. It takes time, analysis and hard decision-making, among other actions. Konica Minolta can help you take a long, hard look at your business environment, identify the rough areas and pave them with affordable, effective solutions.

Konica Minolta’s Facilities Management is an extensive program that can reduce costs and implement best business practices throughout your organization — from staffing to technologies – and across all aspects, including managing your flow of information to moving hard copy and electronic documents to their final destinations.

We ensure the smooth operation of your business so you can focus on its performance. We help you optimize your operations and control operating costs. We help you take care of global capabilities. And we offer solutions for managing change.

It’s all about providing a smarter way to manage your facility and bring you confidently into the workplace of the future. To be competitive today, you need to keep pace with technology. Stay ahead of your competition. Focus on fast-changing conditions that create new opportunities for improved productivity and profitability. And that’s what we’re all about.

Our Managed Office Services include Secure Mail Distribution and Management, On-Site and Off-Site Production Centers, Centralized Copy/Print Center Staffing, Creative Design Services, MFP Fleet Management, Reception and Security, Shipping and Receiving, Hospitality and Conference Room Management.

Consider these Benefits for Facilities Management

Improve Your Customer Focus

Provide a smarter way to manage your facility by outsourcing non-core business operations so you can focus your resources on tasks more critical to your business processes and customer experience.

Enhance Internal Service Levels

Use our expertise to manage your operations more efficiently and accelerate project completion, garnering measurable gains in your mail room, copy center, printer fleet management and more.

Control Your Costs

With external management on-site for efficient operations and focused attention on your business, you’ll save time and money on non-core tasks and use your resources on critical operations.

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