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The ongoing flux in technology advances is resulting in a consumer-driven world more so than ever before. To enable your next wave of growth, we know that the key areas to focus on are how to improve agility, collaboration, and sustainability, at the same time as maximizing cost margins and continuing to gain market share.

To truly drive benefits for your customers, employees, and organization, your enterprise needs the latest tools to accelerate time to value and speed up innovation. And that’s where Konica Minolta can help you find the right strategic solutions. Let us be your trusted advisor to lay solid foundations for future innovation and growth.

Solutions and Services

We know that businesses of your size are well-stocked with legacy technologies, but the question is are they helping you move forward at the pace you want? Modern enterprises need agile, intelligent technology solutions. Discover the customizable services available to help you leap ahead of the competition.

Enterprise Help Desk

With multiple branches to manage, problems with technology can arise anywhere, at any time, and access to an IT support help desk is crucial. To avoid backlogs and long ticket completion times that only cause organizational frustration, our Enterprise IT Help Desk can help provide answers to questions and solve technical problems quickly and efficiently. The support is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

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Managed Mobility Services

Managing enterprise mobile devices is no easy task. Instead of investing significant manual effort in functional areas such as support desk, device management, finance, and procurement, our Managed Mobility Services include best-in-class telecom expense management optionally combined with managed device services. Let us help free your business’ time to focus on business productivity, transformation, and strategy.

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Application Development Services

If existing apps or app architecture are lacking in the features you need, a custom app can be the solution you’ve been looking for. Designed with your needs in mind, custom apps will deliver the performance and capabilities you need to reach your business goals. Our Custom Application Development team will help you identify patterns and trends in your business to use the collected data to make informed decisions to benefit your business, and design the right applications to help you gain a competitive edge.

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Device Lifecycle Asset Management

As distributed work becomes the norm, one of the biggest challenges enterprises will face is getting your employees the access they need to be productive, while keeping IT services and support running from off-premise locations. Our Device Lifecycle Management team can help you strategically invest in processes and tools that are location agnostic, and manage the physical handling of devices from the lifecycle supply chain. These solutions will help you save money, increase productivity and proactively manage your operations.

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Enterprise cybersecurity involves not only protecting your company’s on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure, but also securing the expanding number of endpoints connected to your network. You need to understand your vulnerabilities upfront, so you can defensively prepare your systems for the non-stop cyber attacks that try to break through. Instead of using a multitude of vendors for these different needs, our security portfolio covers both offensive and defensive approaches – so you can get an end-to-end protection plan in place and focus on growing your business.

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As your IT teams recommend cloud solutions for individual department needs, you may soon find yourself with an overly complicated cloud infrastructure in place. Whether it be public, private or a mix, a unified cloud environment will help you simplify operations, eliminate infrastructure silos, and improve access to data from wherever you are. Our Cloud Services can find the best solution for your business, giving you the freedom to scale up and stand tall.

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Unified Communications

Do missed calls, disparate systems, fluctuating expenses or infra-structure maintenance sound familiar? If so, Unified Communications is a game changer. These software-based communication solutions will increase productivity and enhance collaboration throughout your business. When it’s time to upgrade, modern solutions offer additional communication perks beyond simply voice, including Instant messaging, presence, video calling and more collaboration tools.

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Managed Print Services

Print Management is the best way to address your concerns about cost management and reducing print assets. Konica Minolta’s Managed Print (MPS) provides a powerful consultancy concept to implement a solid print management strategy. This includes workflow efficiencies, print fleet optimization, software integration, and service and support for hardware and implementation services. Our MPS offering is driven by a deep understanding of business requirements and alignment with key business drivers that ultimately lead to a blueprint for a successful enterprise print strategy.

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Video Security Solutions

Advanced video security solutions leveraging AI help identify threats, monitor physical assets, and include options for thermal imaging, building entry system integration and COVID vaccination tracking.

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