State and Local Government Solutions

State and Local Government Technology from Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a leader in digital security, from built-in protection for documents and devices, to enhanced capabilities and options that meet or exceed the highest security needs of state and local organizations and schools.

Our suite of public sector technology services and solutions, IT Services, information management, video surveillance, and print and fleet management solutions help streamline business processes while providing the highest levels of security and infrastructure optimization

Solutions and Services for State & Local Government Agencies

Video Surveillance Solutions

Keeping personnel and constituents safe and secure while visiting municipal agencies has become the utmost importance in this day and age. We can help monitor entrances, internal operations and lobbies, and external areas such as parking lots and garages for vandalism and break-ins.

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Intelligent Information Management

As we move to the age of digital government, providing services to constituents has taken a new shape. The elimination of some paper processes is imperative and Konica Minolta helps digitize those processes for agencies. Konica Minolta can help convert paper to electronic records, manage those records electronically and develop processes to bring your office into the future and insulate it to adapt to further changes.

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Print Management

Save money and prevent security breaches by controlling output. With print management solutions, control the cost and provide advanced security so that sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands. Monitor and track print usage, allocate costs to user groups, deploy rule-based printing to prevent document waste.

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Network Security

Security requirements change constantly and government agencies must comply with  national and state mandates, as well as other industry standards for payments with cards. Konica Minolta can help your agency prevent unauthorized access to data on networks, and rest assured that sensitive data is safe from attacks and vulnerabilities.

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IT Services

Organizations do not always have access to the latest IT tools and experts and practices. Konica Minolta’s All Covered IT services can help organizations scale up and down for technology challenges. All Covered has a range of technology applications to help organizations have the right resources at the right time to keep systems operational.

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IT Tech Assurance

All Covered Assurance integrates all the fundamental tools, services, and applications in a single platform to keep your agency running efficiently, plus the added benefit of technical support and an on-demand help-desk. This comprehensive platform provides a complete managed service experience for government agencies of all sizes.

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