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Businesses in the United States come in all shapes and sizes. Each industry has its own unique set of challenges, but today’s market puts many companies in similar situations. Digital technology evolves every year, becoming more prominent as a business tool in the process. Consequently, companies must adapt to stay competitive.

Today, customers of any business want a secure, scalable customer experience. They demand fast, accurate responses to their needs, and they won’t settle for second-rate. The businesses that thrive are those that can accommodate the market’s rapid pace while adhering to a tight budget. Does your organization have a plan for success going forward?

Find the right IT partner

Supporting your business is our business. At the intersection of business and growth, Konica Minolta, as your trusted partner, can help you identify, assess, and capture opportunities with the right products and services to create a complete solution for your organization. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business’s needs and develop IT plans that ready your organization for immediate and sustained success.

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Every industry has unique needs

At Konica Minolta, we’ve put together a team of dedicated experts to provide IT service and support to specific industry markets. Our Digital Transformation consultants are well versed in the nuances and regulations of each market segment, ready to help you embrace digital technology within your market, and capitalize on opportunities.

Digital transformation can seem overwhelming. And our primary focus is to simplify it for you. Our Intelligent Connected Workplace and Igniting Print Possibilities portfolios will help you navigate this complex landscape and drive dynamic business change.



We help schools and higher-education institutions gain the greatest benefits from technology investments, have the right resources at the right time, and keep systems operational, ensuring first-class service for students, teachers and administrators.

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Financial Services

Regardless of the size of your financial institution, updating your technology infrastructure gives you a competitive edge over competitors who still rely on outdated systems and paper-based work. Our finance business solutions help you embrace modernization, simplification and automation.

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Digital transformation in healthcare is driving improved outcomes and enhanced delivery of care. With the constant changes within the healthcare landscape and many variables at play, partnering with a single company that offers unique solutions to these ever-present obstacles is the first step toward a more robust and secure digital healthcare experience.

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Legal firms are challenged with maintaining efficient business practices while also continually planning for their future of work. We have been successfully assisting firms for decades in selecting, implementing and optimizing document management, case and content management, litigation support and accounting and practice management solutions.

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We provide a wide range of business tools that satisfy core government objectives, yet are cost effective to conform to the tightest budgets. Digitalization, organization, workflow efficiency and security are all key to running facility operations smoothly and for fortifying the future ahead. 

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Claims processing, case review and financial document management can consume huge amounts of manual labor, creating inefficiencies, lack of productivity and costly mistakes. Our Insurance focused solutions help you optimize your everyday operations into one that’s streamlined, automated and secure.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Invoices, purchase orders, compliance reports and environmental regulations can overwhelm your business. Konica Minolta’s wide array of manufacturing software solutions can help you manage, streamlining your processes to simplify compliance issues.

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Explore how you can easily improve your operations upstream, midstream, and downstream with digital transformation solutions for utilities such as oil, gas, water and electricity.

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