Minimize Downtime

Make sure you have the right back-ups in place to keep productivity at a high

The rapid disruption and decision overload of today’s working environment can create a whirlwind threatening to engulf a business, and leaders need to be aware of both the threats they face as well as the potential for success. The challenge is to build an organization that is dynamic and innovative, while at the same time being able to ride out setbacks and change of directions. Mastering this increasing turbulence requires building the right kind of adaptive culture – agile and resilient.

Maximizing continuity, minimizing downtime

Over 80% of business executives surveyed by our IT Services division, All Covered, stated their business could not tolerate more than twenty minutes of downtime before incurring significant issues. If you’re one of them, you understand the importance of continuity: the need to plan for unscheduled interruptions to normal operations.

Highlighted Solutions

How prepared are you for unscheduled downtime? Are your IT systems sufficiently protected to cope with interruptions? Do you deal with interruptions reactively, lengthening their impact to the business and increasing their cost? Our technology experts will help you answer these questions and work with you to construct a reliable system that protects data against potential loss.

Cloud Backup for Servers

Our local and cloud backup and continuity solutions help you get your data back up and running, or keep it up and running in the event of data loss events, accidental deletion, server malfunction, local emergency or regional natural disaster.

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Managed IT Services

Even the most stable and patched IT systems can develop problems that require IT support. If any part of your organization’s IT systems develops a problem, we’ll know about it immediately, often before you do. We’ll remotely access your organization’s systems and initiate remote IT support to address the problem. If the IT system issue needs to be addressed onsite, we can provide emergency onsite response support. Count on us to keep your systems and processes operating at full capacity day after day.

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Updating Aging Infrastructure

With technology providers such as Microsoft and Apple retiring old operating systems, your devices may be out of warranty and no longer supported by security updates. We can step in and replace your obsolete operating system and server to give you industry-leading hardware and support.

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IT Help Desk

Problems with technology can arise anywhere at any time, and access to an IT support help desk is crucial. When one of your IT users has a question or needs help with a program or IT device, the All Covered IT Help Desk is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to help your organization’s users with their IT support needs. When users call our help desk, they can be sure to have their needs understood and addressed promptly.

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Cybersecurity Services

With a full suite of services, we cover all infrastructure components including computers, mobile devices, servers, and firewalls. Our portfolio of cybersecurity services are further enhanced with cloud backup and disaster recovery which ensures successful threat mitigation while greatly reducing the potential of data loss.

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