Federal Government Technology Solutions

Federal Government Technology from Konica Minolta

In this evolving global climate, government organizations like yours face many significant challenges. The ability to streamline business processes while doing more with less compounds the fact that you’re constantly expected to provide exceptional public services while reducing costs.

At a time of shrinking budgets, rising costs and increasing expectations, government agencies are naturally looking for ways to increase productivity, streamline processes and serve the public with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. Konica Minolta provides your employees with the tools they need to handle their documents — quickly, efficiently and securely. Konica Minolta’s Government suite of solutions can help you resolve your challenges by helping to streamline business processes and by providing additional security and infrastructure optimization to improve organizational efficiencies.

IT Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

Print Management

Software from Konica Minolta helps federal agencies manage print expenses, enhance critical workflows and manage print security.

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Intelligent Information Management Services

As we move to the age of digital government, providing services to constituents has taken a new shape. The elimination of some paper processes is imperative and Konica Minolta helps digitize those processes for agencies. Konica Minolta can help convert paper to electronic records, manage those records electronically and develop processes to bring your office into the future and insulate it to adapt to further changes.

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Security and Compliance

Embedded support for multiple US Federal Government authentication card systems to utilize MFP functions securely. Assessments, incident response, e-mail archiving and encryption — all with the high level of security required by government applications and privacy regulations.

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Intelligent Surveillance

Secure public buildings, facilities and grounds – Konica Minolta Video Security Solutions provides the data, clarity, reliability and flexibility that these authorities need to respond to video camera-generated alerts and employ the level of detection they need.

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IT Tech Assurance

All Covered’s IT Tech Assurance practice will work with you to tailor and customize optimal devices, applications, and/or data IT solutions that work toward your agency’s goals. We’ll help you determine and acquire the hardware and software you need to amplify and accelerate your business operations with utmost efficiency.

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Set-Aside Partners

Konica Minolta’s partners with women-owned, disabled veteran owned and small business to help you meet your goals.

Important Announcement Regarding Firmware Updates

Message To Federal Accounts Utilizing A CAC/PIV Solution: Konica Minolta updated drivers to fix authentication after Microsoft Server Patches are applied.