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Konica Minolta provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to digitally transform your school or office. Our focus is to help schools and organizations gain the greatest benefits from technology investments; have the right resources at the right time; and keep systems operational, ensuring first-class service for students, teachers and administrators. Keep “staff only” areas for authorized personnel with facial recognition enabled at the door. Easily adjust authorizations when there are new hires or staff that leaves the school district’s employment.

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Our comprehensive portfolio of education and public sector IT solutions and services create significant value for K-12 schools, school districts, government offices, colleges, universities and libraries. We help you rethink and proactively address hybrid learning, collaboration and accountability, and increasing ROI from your technology investments. The result: our education customers can concentrate on their core competencies – teaching students and providing key services.

Batavia Public Schools District Meets Increasing Imaging Needs Through Konica Minolta Innovations

Who We Serve

K-12 Education

K-12 Education fosters the development of communication, collaboration and group-led decision-making skills early in a child’s life. Education business software empowers educators to spend more time educating and less time expending energy on paperwork and other demands.

Konica Minolta’s collaborative digital classroom tools empower students to become producers of content and products, facilitating the idea of entrepreneurship and providing new opportunities to enhance project, problem, design, inquiry and challenge-based learning. Modules are designed to maximize student engagement and relevance and improve their overall performance. We also offer a comprehensive suite of school security solutions.

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Higher Education

Higher Education is a rich collection of admissions, financial aid, course preparation, academic records, student athletics, and alumni relations. Suitable education solutions enhance these elements and empower your academic institution to provide superior educational services.

Our cloud-based collaboration, file-sharing tool and Intelligent Information Management (IIM) solutions can make a significant impact on your overall administrative efficiencies and cost-savings. Your institution will realize cost-effective print management, enhanced security and improved management of student documents. We also protect students, staff and educators with our comprehensive suite of school security solutions.

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Library Management

Konica Minolta’s helps stretch budgets, reduce and recover costs, decrease paper waste and boost productivity. Our industry-leading hardware and software solutions for scanning, printing, networking and streamlining administrative workflow allow library professionals to improve services and expand access to meet current and future needs. Our bizhub MFPs, and pay-for-print solutions, will enhance the value of your library, making it a vital institutional resource in the digital era. We also offer a variety of other key components which can enhance the value of your library, making it a vital institutional resource in the digital era.

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Solutions and Services

School Security

Your school or campus may have the latest in educational technology, but could still be using outdated methods of signing in guests and tracking visitors. Our security solutions for visitor management systems, door barriers, and security cameras can deter unwanted visitors – and keep dangerous ones out.

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Print Management

Print Management brings accountability and control of printed output to your district or campus — saving you money and resources. Our education print management solutions will help you easily accomplish this, as well as monitoring and controlling student and staff printing, integration with back-end transactional systems, and control and charge-back of costs to students.

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Managed IT Services

All Covered provides innovative and cost effective IT Services for the education sector, solving the many problems and challenges posed by decreasing school budgets, the need for collaboration tools, and accountability. Our dedicated educational consultants and technical engineers can work with you to assess your current needs, understand the challenges ahead, and create a roadmap for meaningful decisions to transform teaching and learning through Digital Learning.

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On-premise in-plant technology

Building an in-plant reprographics center on-premise can prove beneficial to any school or university in many ways, saving time and money by reproducing books, presentations and directories without outsourcing them.

Konica Minolta’s Production Print technologies – including our AccurioPress monochrome and color digital presses, and its job submission software – can help you create a world-class in-plant graphics department. These solutions help you create course policies, scan documents and print wide-format banners.

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Intelligent Information Management

When it comes to K-12 schools and college campuses, admissions, financial aid and student information, eforms and digital information help streamline a college or university’s ability to better serve students and speed up internal operations. Our intelligent information management solutions can help. With so much paper, we also offer digitization services through Business Process Outsourcing services, and other ways to automate and simplify workflows, and provide quicker access to information.

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Security Solutions

Smart businesses, governments and schools need smart security solutions to protect their assets, staff and operations, and to guard against potential threats and liabilities. With intelligent internet-protocol (IP) design, Konica Minolta customized our video security solutions to proactively address your monitoring and security needs.

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Device Deployment

Schools are struggling to meet unprecedented demand for student devices as they work to prepare for teaching and learning strategies that will include at least some remote elements. The device deployment program allows schools to take outdated computers, laptops and tablets, regardless of their brand and turns them into a Chromebook. Using CloudReady, a Google-compatible operating system, we can breathe new life into your existing PCs and Macs (up to 12 years old) at a fraction of the cost of buying new Chromebooks.

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