Dispatcher Suite

Integrating Your Print & Scan Systems

Manage your corporate print and scan infrastructure with utmost efficiency with Konica Minolta’s new & exciting integrated platform for advanced workflow automation and print management, Dispatcher Suite!

Business solutions are made easy with Dispatcher Suite. Dispatcher Suite allows companies to effectively manage and reduce their printing costs, while increasing their document workflow productivity and security. This feature-rich, integrated platform simplifies print and scan operations, maximizes office efficiencies, and provides businesses of all sizes with the flexibility they need.

The Dispatcher Suite platform combines two of Konica Minolta’s most powerful applications: Dispatcher Paragon for print management and our award-winning Dispatcher Phoenix for automated workflows. This solution provides a unified platform that allows customers to manage both their print and scan responsibilities simultaneously.

With Dispatcher Suite’s single sign-on capabilities and dynamic tool-set, users have the ability to easily create powerful, automated document workflows for capturing, indexing, processing, and routing documents with zero manual effort. Thanks to its complete modularity, Dispatcher Suite is highly scalable and can be configured exactly to varying corporate needs.

Benefits of Dispatcher Suite


User authentication is simple, convenient and fast with the entry of a username and password, PIN, or ID card, right at the output device – for reliable and secure device access.

Rule-based Engine

Save money while driving team engagement. With provided access, the administrator can set individual print conditions for different users, such as limiting access rights to B&W printing or making duplex printing obligatory.

Print Roaming

Modernized and convenient printing capabilities. Users can submit their print jobs to any managed printer in any location within the network and release the prints whenever and wherever they need them.

Credit & Billing

This module is essential for educational institutions and project-based environments that need to charge print, scan and copy costs back to originators.


In order to optimize cost efficiencies, companies can enable the tracking and accounting of all print jobs. Keep track of the “who, what, where & when” throughout the print environment.

Workflow Automation

Build powerful workflows easily. The dynamic toolset allows users to create complex automated document workflows for capturing, indexing, processing, and routing documents.