End-To-End Security For Healthcare

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End-To-End Security For Healthcare

Cybercrime is forcing healthcare organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy. However, most internal IT departments struggle to find the right expertise and resources to manage such a robust security program.

Security and HIPAA Compliance

Minimize costly security breach exposure of vulnerable hospital and patient data with our security and compliance services and solutions:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Testing Services
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Compliance

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What Solutions Are There To Protect Your Facility?

Data and Sensitive Documents Protection

By carefully examining your physical and virtual server systems, PCs and laptops, we can ensure that patient healthcare data is protected as it flows through your facility.

Automated Processes

Automated workflow solutions facilitate the transfer of information between physicians, affiliated organizations, remote workers, payers, and patients.

Real Time Tracking

Monitor access, use and distribution of documents to minimize exposure to costly and damaging data breaches. Our system helps you make compliance updates faster with real-time regulatory tracking.

Device Hardening Services

Safeguard devices with hard drive encryption, timed data deletion and network security settings. We provide various layers of protection throughout your computer system, with each level requiring a unique method of security.

Centralized Information

We build a compliance system that integrates your regulatory and facility requirements, allowing you to track all relevant activities with ease.

Reduced Operational Costs

An automated, streamlined compliance program can remove manual inefficiencies from your processes, saving your facility time and money.

Full Network Security & Disaster Recovery

Confidently secure your network from outside malicious intrusions that could disrupt or destroy your data’s integrity.

HIPAA Compliance

Our Compliance Team will review regulations and mandates specific to healthcare organizations, help meet their compliance needs, and advise on improvements.

Rethink Security for Healthcare

In 2022, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported 600 data breaches in healthcare. Each of them involved personal data of hundreds of individuals and had an average cost of $10 million. We know a robust security program can be hard to manage and the expertise and resources are not always in-house. Konica Minolta’s Cybersecurity Services can facilitate and manage your security efforts, ensuring the safety and integrity of your critical data and assets.

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