Connected Care

Enhance Patient Experience through Automation

Connected Care is a platform that automates inbound and outbound data to streamline referrals, orders, and other manual processes across acute, post-acute, and ambulatory care settings. The intelligent software automates costly, manual processes related to patient intake, care coordination and referral driving more timely care at lower costs.

Advanced Digital Transformation

Reduce Manual Processing and Missed Referrals

Automatically reconcile disparate healthcare systems and close gaps in patient intake, referral management and other manual processes that lead to revenue leakage.

Automate And Accelerate Workflows

Streamline slow, outdated processes that impact administrative and labor costs. Harmonize data with automated workflows for information intake, care transfer and diagnostic order management.

Focus On Improving Care

Return productive time to providers and administrative staff by harmonizing disconnected systems and adapting to future needs. Connected Care is designed to follow strict security guidelines to properly safeguard documents throughout the workflow.

Increase Productivity

Reduce time-consuming tasks and eliminate revenue leakage.  Connected Care automatically digitizes unstructured data, reducing administrative burden and increasing staff productivity. Never miss another referral through human error and reconcile disparate data with a platform that accurately integrates with the appropriate EHR fields.

Improve Patient Care

Konica Minolta’s innovative engineering and intelligent software design provide tools to reduce the burden of redundant medical records and administrative tasks, saving your healthcare organization money while improving staff satisfaction and patient outcomes. Connected Care creates an automated and effective communication between patients, providers and data, freeing up time for your staff to focus on their passion for patient care. Deliver great patient experience with a platform that makes it easier for patients and facilities to move between care settings.