The healthcare industry is filled with complexities. Although there has been significant progress made in healthcare technology in recent years, there continues to be a wide range of challenges. From cybersecurity and data interoperability to digital transformation, this podcast series will provide you with invaluable insight on the most relevant and engaging topics in the healthcare industry.

Join our host, Joe Cisna, Director, Healthcare Solutions at Konica Minolta, as he brings together healthcare professionals and thought leaders to discuss and examine the latest industry trends that are impacting today’s healthcare provider organizations.


Get ready to take a deep dive into the impact of interoperability in our healthcare systems!

In this inaugural episode, our host Joe Cisna, Director, Healthcare Solutions, and special guest, David Kibbe, MD, discuss the importance of interoperable exchange of healthcare information and the implications it can have on patient care. Listen as they explore the current landscape of interoperability across the care continuum and how the continuity, quality and timeliness of care can be improved through interoperable exchange and standardization.

  • Three main areas of technology where interoperability must be prioritized
  • Why standardization is crucial to moving healthcare data and records across systems
  • The impact of legislation on the progress of information exchange within the healthcare system
  • How the pandemic has accelerated and changed the digital transformation journey