Insurance Agencies


Claims processing, case review and financial document management can consume huge amounts of manual labor, creating inefficiencies, lack of productivity and costly mistakes. Transform your document workflow process into one that’s streamlined, automated and secure with Konica Minolta’s tailored solutions — and fully optimize your everyday operations.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions has decades of experience serving the needs of our insurance customers and welcoming them to the workplace of the future.  Our financial platform provides your insurance company, regardless of size, with solutions to ensure compliance with fast-changing regulatory demands, secure financial records and client confidentiality protection, including protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). At the same time, we'll improve IT management and services, streamline document processing, eliminate paper and optimize device deployment to save time and money.

With our expertise handling your document needs, you’ll have streamlined workflow, capabilities with existing back-end financial systems, and simple and fast distribution of mission-critical documents. Our platform combines document management, records management and business process automation into a single solution. So, whether your business is Property & Casualty, Life or Health Insurance, our solutions suite of applications and services provides streamlined operations, business process management, integrated document and records management all from one platform — while meeting industry regulations for security and compliance.

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