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Business Continuity for Legal Firms in a post-pandemic World

The legal industry, a business model not traditionally used to operating remotely, has worked diligently over the last year to acclimate to a post-pandemic business climate. Alongside many others, the legal sector was forced to pivot day-to-day operations to an alternative way of practicing law – almost overnight. While over the last year, there have been significant strides made on the path toward digital transformation, a number of law firms remain challenged with maintaining efficient business practices while also continually planning for their future of work.

Digitize paper mail allowing recipients to review and route it securely and easily, from anywhere!

More and more, legal professionals are working from home. Lawyers need the ability to view, access, and address critical documents, which is imperative to legal business continuity. With secure digital mail solutions, mail is scanned and delivered instantly to each user’s queue. Users can log in and review all scanned mail and then route each document to various destinations such as a folder, email, desktop or Legal DMS, all while having the option to OCR files to a required format. Legal professionals are now able to be fully effective – from anywhere, while also saving the firm time and money.

Increase productivity with a streamlined process for all your legal documents.

Document Management Systems (DMS) can be complex, however most law firms depend on a DMS to become more efficient, secure, and drive better business outcomes. The goal of DMS is to control and enable sharing and version control functions within a firm. When appropriately implemented, enjoy the convenience of being able to route documents directly from your bizhub MFP control panel into a Legal DMS with just a few quick taps and customize operations to fit the needs of any document or case file within your legal institution.

Access and manage essential data with limitless possibilities.

Workplace Hub Core and Smart are helping law firms rethink the future of work. Workplace Hub Core is a comprehensive Application-as-a-Service platform including enterprise-class server hardware, operating systems and hypervisor-running solutions in document and print management, network faxing and legal-specific offerings to co-exist with your current network infrastructure. It includes Legal DMS, Collaboration Tools, The Lawyer’s Help Desk, Advanced Automated Workflow Solutions and IT services support that provides complete visibility across your entire IT landscape. Benefit from a secure, fully-managed package with 24/7 monitoring and management alongside 8 x 5 service desk support.

Workplace Hub Smart offers the same functionality of Core, but combines the power of installing the server in Konica Minolta’s award winning iSeries products.

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