Print Management

Manage, Control and Monitor Your Print Output

Konica Minolta’s Print Management Services lead to greater output and improved productivity. We offer solutions like Secure Follow You Printing using IC Card and Biometric Authentication, Rules-Based Printing and mobile printing from hand-held devices. The benefits of using our Print Management Systems are from the convenience, flexibility, accessibility, efficient sharing of information, security and compliance, customized control and even sustainability, our systems contribute to better workflows and outcomes.

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Secure Biometric Authentication For Print Management Applications

The sheer amount of data being created and collected in today’s world is vastly growing and has not shown any signs of slowing down. Businesses need a robust response to this fast-changing world by ensuring they can prevent unauthorized access. This includes print management applications, where many users have experienced duplicate card authentication or password sharing, resulting in security breaches enabling unauthorized users to gain access to secure documents. The solution is Advanced Authentication Manager (AAM) which provides both biometric fingerprint authentication AND standard IC card authentication on the same MFP.

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Digitization Is The First Step

Print Management is changing for the better — is your business ready to evolve? New technology enables companies to save money and prevent security breaches by assuming total control of their printing output. With a print management system from Konica Minolta, your business can control the cost of printed or copied output and provide advanced security using the latest technology including IC card and Biometric Authentication on the same device to ensure that sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

Print Management solutions and software also help reduce document waste with simple integration to existing networks and lessen the workload of busy IT administrators. Monitor, track, and manage your business’ printing with the print management software provided by Konica Minolta.

Create An Efficient, Flexible Work Environment

Your company does everything it can to include a diverse range of services and operate at peak efficiency to maximize benefits for your customers. The Print Management solutions we offer are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and are scalable from SMB to Enterprise customers with offices around the globe. Whether your users are local, mobile or around the world, Konica Minolta can provide the solutions to meet your printing needs.

Dispatcher Portfolio

Manage your print and scan infrastructure with our Dispatcher portfolio of advanced workflow automation and print management solutions.

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Digital Fax

Konica Minolta’s digital fax options will help ensure your fax communications meet strict security requirements for you to be compliant.

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Print Management Benefits

Cost Control

Reduce your paper purchasing costs and printing and storage fees to incur immediate savings.

Security and Convenience

Stop prying eyes from viewing documents and enjoy the convenience of simple management with enhanced security using IC Card and Biometric Authentication.

Support Green Initiatives

Save lots of trees and satisfy many more of your “green” initiatives that will make both your employees and planet feel good.

IT Simplification

No need to create complex programming for your computer network to benefit from effective paper management solutions.

Reduce Cutter

Our Rules Based Printing programs optimize your print output to prevent unnecessary or extra documents from floating around the office.

Enhance User Flexibility

We offer print management services with cloud connectivity so your staff can work from the computer, tablet or phone they use most effectively.

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